Which Country Has The Most Teslas

Which Country Has The Most Teslas?

That’s right– Norway’s population of 5 million residents just surpassed the United States as the best selling market for the Tesla Model S. Largely due to government incentives, this phenomenon made the Model S the best calling car out of any car, not just electric, in the entire nation. Norwegians typically face rather elevated tax rates compared to the United States and the Norwegian government has decided to waive or otherwise restrict the level of taxes levied on purchases and registration of electric cars purchased by their citizens.

If this doesn’t sound incredible to you, let’s talk about the fact that the price tag on a Tesla Model S starts over $100,000. Could you imagine if a car that expensive was the best selling car in the US? This only goes to show the rising trend worldwide for electric automobiles and generally green transportation technology is real and strong as ever.

The green doesn’t stop at the car’s engine or the dollars in the price tag. Norway’s population is, likely smartly, preparing for a green future without fossil fuels. The country currently gets nearly all of it’s electricity from thermal energy. Also, unlike many debt-laden countries around the world, Norway has an estimated one trillion dollar sovereign wealth fund. Clearly, a role model in many ways, theirs is a society which has much green technology and adoption.

Getting this level of green car adoption in markets all around the world will take time, indeed. It requires infrastructure and a degree of wealth. Eventually, however, prices will come down and accessibility to this technology will increase. Imagine never smelling gas and paying the equivalent of about $5 of energy to fill up your car’s tank with electricity. Tesla is not the only car company to roll out all electric vehicles. Look at the Nissan Leaf and the BMW i Series including the i3 and i8 for two other examples of fully electric vehicles. A future of cars buzzing along highways that charge the cars automatically as they drive along isn’t actually that far off. Many of us might even get a chance to witness the green glory in our own lifetimes.