Keeping Your Car Looking New

Applying New Ultra Shine Technologies

Ever had a dream where all the cars are super shiny as if you’re in a car expo? There is a secret to that and it doesn’t involve buying a new car. It’s not just the car wax, but all the steps you do before applying it. What you need to do is follow the steps below;

Clean the car. The first step is always a crucial ingredient to get the desired output at the final part. Cleaning the car means making sure there is no debris or dirt left on the surface. If you don’t do this, the polishing and waxing part may cause hairline scratches on your car paint. Also, it’s best to do all these steps in an indoor garage to protect it from any dirt from outside wind and passing cars.

Rinse and spray any dirt off, and then use car wash soap and sponge to clean off any sticky materials, or mud off the hood. Be meticulous on this part, examine and wash off any signs of bird droppings, insects or anything on the paint. After that, let it dry for couple minutes. Buff each area using microfiber towels.

Apply your secret car glaze. This shine-enhancing oily liquid will amplify the paint color and clarity. Most car repair shops use car glaze to restore old paint jobs. Some have formulations and fillers can even hide small imperfections. Use a polishing cloth, apply per section but don’t overuse.

Use car cleaner wax. Any imperfections on the surface can by masked by car wax. Apply it using circular strokes, one section at a time. Let it stay on the surface like you’ve applied white lotion all over it. After making sure each square inch is covered, let it dry. Buff the surface again using dry terry cloth.

Use Polymer car polish. There are several car polish brands in the market , choose one that has high number of positive reviews.  Apply the liquid evenly using the terry cloth again. This will seal the car wax you applied earlier. Let the car polish dry, and buff again. Repeat the car polish steps again. You’ll need at least three coats.

Apply Carnuba wax. After buffing with coats of car polish, apply high grade carnuba car wax. This is the final ingredient in getting that ultra-shiny wet look on your car. Apply first coat, let it dry, and then buff with terry cloth. Apply the second coat, and do same steps again until you get that deep shine you’re looking for. Normally you’ll get that deep glossy finish after 2-3 coats.