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Windshields Are Key To Aerodynamics

When you’re racing a car, aerodynamics can make a big difference in whether you drive faster than the competition. Key elements to making a car aerodynamic include a powerful engine, high-quality tires, good suspension and a windshield in excellent condition.

Many people don’t think about their windshield when wondering how to make their car faster, but your auto glass is a critical component to your vehicle’s overall speed and safety. For optimal aerodynamics, the windshield must be placed at a specific angle so that air flows effortlessly over the racecar’s roof and smoothly to the tail end. Rear-end spoilers help make the car more aerodynamic and faster.

Windshield AerodynamicsAlthough your windshield can make your car faster, it can also slow you down. If, for example, your windshield has chips or cracks in it, those imperfections can hamper the driver’s visibility and make him slow down in order to see better. An unobstructed view is important for a racecar driver who is driving at top speeds and has less time to react to other cars and objects that come into view.

Further affecting a driver, windshields with chips are dangerously weakened. Because of this weakness, a chipped windshield is more likely to significantly crack or shatter if hit by a rock or other object on the road. This devastating damage would drastically reduce visibility and could cause you to have an accident. At high speeds, accidents are much more deadly.

Such extreme damage to your car glass would necessitate windshield replacement. Often, you can avoid replacing your entire windshield by visiting an auto glass repair shop and getting chip repair before things get too bad.

Beyond helping a racecar driver see, a fully functioning windshield is a critical component to your car’s overall safety system. The windshield not only supports the roof of your car, but it also keeps you inside the car in case of collision.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 40,000 Americans die every year in highway crashes, and 30 percent of those people died after being ejected from the car or because of a rollover. If your car’s windshield has chips or cracks, the damage reduces the windshield’s structural integrity, and also makes you less safe in case of a collision. Because of your windshield’s role in supporting your car, a structurally sound windshield is as important to your safety as airbags or seatbelts.

Failing to get windshield replacement, windshield repair and chip repair increases the likelihood that your auto glass won’t protect you when you need it most.

Fortunately, many auto glass repair shops can quickly provide windshield replacement, chip repair and windshield repair. Insurance companies frequently pay for car glass repair because they know how important your windshield is to keeping you safe.

The good news is that buy repairing your windshield, you can make your car more aerodynamic in addition to maximizing your safety. Keeping your windshield in top repair is an easy to way to make sure you drive faster than everyone else and stay safe while beating them to the finish line.